October 2016 Market Update Video

 In this video, Josh discusses the market performance for the last quarter, the volatility in the markets, and three key factors driving the volatility.

Special September 2016 Market Update Video

In this video:

  • Tony gives an update on market related news over the last month
  • Discusses investing and politics
  • Discusses the power consumer spending and small businesses have on the overall economy.

Also, stay tuned to the end for a special profile interview with Dr. Greg Arnette, the owner of the local coffee shop We Serve. Coffee, located in downtown Findlay, Ohio.

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“Why Does Britain Love Tea So Much?” – August 2016 Market Update Video

In this video, I discuss major events that occurred in July and their impact on the economy and investors. We also discovered that Josh is the king of dad jokes.

When it comes to investing, you are better off ignoring politics and paying attention to the business activity around you. I am grateful to be living in a great country where the future is always better than the past. It’s important for investors to remember that the White House does not drive the direction of the markets over the long term. It’s the great companies of the United States, like Marathon Petroleum Corporation, that drive business activity and, ultimately, stock prices higher over the long term.

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Video Update: The Brexit, Today’s Market Drop, and What You Should be Doing as an Investor

Shocking many, Britons voted to exit the European Union by a narrow margin on Thursday, ushering in a period of anxiety as experts think through the ramifications of this historic referendum. Around the world, traders reacted to the uncertainty as they typically do by selling first and thinking later.

It’s perfectly normal to worry during periods of market volatility, and we know you have questions about how the Brexit may affect your investments. In this video, our Associate Investment Advisor, Josh Robb, explains what this means for us in the United States, and what you should be doing as an investor.

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Hixon Zuercher June 2016 Monthly Video Update

What does Cavalier mean? Check out our monthly update to see how Tony’s favorite basketball team can relate to the Fed’s interest rate discussion.

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