Earning your trust every day.

As your investment manager, we get to know you personally to discover what is important to you. Since we are an independent and fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, you can trust that our advice is completely objective. You deserve objective investment advice from a manager that is held to the highest fiduciary standard and free of conflict.


We are an independent investment management firm.  Our independence as a firm means that decisions are made exclusively for the benefit of our clients.

We consider our independence to be one of the greatest benefits we offer our clients. We own the firm and we control the advice given to our clients.  We aren’t owned by a Wall-Street brokerage house, a bank, or an insurance company.  We don’t have sales quotas and we aren’t pushing specific products.  We are in a position to serve the client’s best interests.  We work for the client and the client only.   This means we are not limited to any particular investment choice which gives us the ability to analyze and choose from the vast array of global securities available today.

Because we don’t sell financial products or retain allegiance to any one brokerage firm, our clients avoid the burden of the commission laden retail financial services system.  Instead, we utilize discount brokerage firms that allow us to implement investment strategies that include no-load mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other investments where appropriate.   We also have access to institutional mutual funds that are not available to retail investors at large.  Many of these investments have significantly reduced operational expenses that translate into higher returns for our clients.


The term “fee-only” describes how we get paid.  Our only form of any compensation comes directly from our clients.  This compensation is agreed upon in advance and is a percentage of assets under management.  We earn no commissions or fees on the investments and recommendations that we make to our clients.  We receive no referral fees.

A “fee-only” compensation structure is of critical importance to you.  By operating under a “fee-only” compensation structure we are in a position to serve your best interests.  In contrast, an investment advisor who is dependent on commission income has a financial stake in the course of action that he/she recommends to a client, and that advisor faces an inherent conflict of interest and cannot be considered objective and unbiased.  This is true even if the advisor truly believes that he/she has only the best interests of the client at heart.  That conflict of interest can cost the client, both in out-of-pocket expenses and in the quality of advice the client will receive.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisors in the United States are sellers of financial products.  Some or all of their income may be dependent upon their ability to steer their clients to a limited number of the thousands of financial products available today.  Many of their clients are not aware of their advisors’ dependence on selling products, or do not recognize its significance.  We believe that many of the problems that beset Americans today in their financial affairs – including failure to protect retirement assets and poor allocation of savings and investments – relate directly to the conflicts of interest that pervade the marketplace.


You deserve to work with an advisor that is completely transparent. As a client of Hixon Zuercher you will always know 3 things:

  1. How much you are paying for our services.
  2. The results your investments have achieved for you. Specifically, on a quarterly basis we will report your 3 month, year to date, and since inception return.
  3. Our view of the economy and market and what we are doing for you. Each quarter, we send you a portfolio update which highlights our investment outlook and the investment positions we are taking on your behalf.