Our History

The Beginning

Our founders, Adam Zuercher and Tony Hixon, founded the firm in 2002. Since then, we have provided professional investment management solutions to a select group of individuals, families, business owners, and foundations. They launched the firm with a vision of bringing wealth creation and investment management solutions that would enable our clients to achieve financial freedom. Thus, our original name, Freedom Financial Solutions, was born.

The First 10 Years

The first decade was rewarding and challenging.  We started Freedom Financial Solutions in 2002, as the markets were still coming off the hangover from the tech bubble and we were still feeling the effects of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The mission of our firm was to help our clients achieve their financial goals by successfully managing their investments.

That mission remains the same today. We began day one in a spare room in Adam’s house with zero clients, zero assets under management, a phone, a computer, an internet connection, and a dream. In 2003 we opened an office in the Chase Bank building in downtown Findlay, where we currently reside today.

Today we steward over $90 million in client assets and have helped (and are currently helping) numerous clients achieve retirement, college, and other investment goals.

Our Name Change

Part of the growing pains of a business is celebrating our successes as well as learning from our missteps. For instance, we used to sell insurance; we no longer do. We used to prepare tax returns; we decided that CPA firms can do a more efficient job. We named our firm Freedom Financial Solutions because we wanted to be a one-stop-shop for most financial related things. We had found over the years that there are things we do well, there are things we are more passionate about, and there are things that others can do better than us.

We had come to the realization that the name Freedom Financial Solutions did not always accurately communicate what we did or who we were. We had received literally hundreds of calls over the years asking if we did debt consolidation or mortgage refinancing. Our name no longer reflected what we did. Our core competency is investing; it is something we enjoy and that we do well.

After coming to that realization, our firm became Hixon Zuercher Capital Management in January of 2012. The new name better reflects our business and highlights the names that you have become familiar with as your investment manager over the years.

The Future

We expect the future to be even more exciting than the past. The world is a much better place than it was in 2002. Technology alone has made the world a better place to live, work, and play. Economically, there are challenges and extreme levels of uncertainty. However, there are also extreme levels of opportunity. Going forward, we will continue to commit every day to finding those investment opportunities, and helping even more people achieve their goals.

We’d love to have you join us on the journey ahead. Learn more about how you can become a client.