Retirement Planning

Many of the individuals and families who are investment clients are saving for retirement. Clients who are counting on us to navigate them to and through retirement must have investment portfolios that are aligned with their retirement goals. We successfully help clients set and attain their retirement plans.

We can guide you through the 3 phases of retirement planning:

  1. Accumulation Phase – During this phase of life your focus is on accumulating assets and investing them prudently. During this phase we will work with you to determine how much you need to save and how to invest your savings to reach your goals.
  2. Transition Phase –  When you are within five years of your expected retirement date it is time to begin planning for a successful transition. During this time we work with you to determine that you will have enough assets to last a lifetime while generating the income you will need to sustain your lifestyle. We will discuss a sustainable withdrawal rate and help you finalized your plans.
  3. Distribution Phase – Upon retirement we will manage your portfolio to generate the income you need from it. We will monitor your portfolio to be sure you are staying within your sustainable withdrawal rate. We will review forecasts upon request, as your lifestyle needs change, or as the economic landscape changes.