At the end of June my business partner, Tony, and I attended the Morningstar Investment Conference. The conference was a 3-day event in Chicago that attracts many great minds in the investment business. You can visit Morningstar’s online coverage of the conference here.

My favorite session was lunch on Thursday. (Maybe it had something to do with the food?) The speaker was Jason Zweig. Jason shared some insights from his recent book, Your Money & Your Brain. As you can guess by the title of the book his talk focused on what happens inside our brains when we think about money. Jason’s talk was both entertaining and enlightening. I haven’t read his book yet, but his talk left me wanting to learn more. I recently discovered that a firm I admire greatly (Davis Advisors) has made the book required reading for all of their investment analysts. If someone like Chris requires his staff to read a book then I’ve got to read it.

I also enjoyed listening to Bruce Berkowitz. Bruce runs the Fairholme Fund (FAIRX), and he does a nice job for investors. My favorite quote by Mr. Berkowitz: “These are the times when seeds of great performance are planted.” I couldn’t agree more.

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