Well, this week I just got back from vacation. We stayed in a cabin at Brown County State Park in Indiana. Twas a great time and really enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation, and of course, spending some quality time with my wife and two daughters. My sister, her husband, and my parents joined us then toward the end of the week. Great times!

Well, it took 4 hours to drive there, and with a 3 year and 1 year old in the back seat of the van, you can imagine the fun. So as I stared out the window peering thru the tons of “Putting America Back to Work” road signs and other billboards, one sign stood out:

Recession 101: CHILL!

Hysteria only makes it worse.

That was it, and it made sense to me. Now that I’m back and catching up on reading, there are quite a few well respected economists that are declaring the recession is close to being over. Let’s hope!

What do you think? Are you seeing signs of recovery in your neck of the woods? Is the recession over? Feel free to post a comment.