With approximately 13 million people currently out of work in the US one would think there are very few jobs for the taking. Ironically, there are nearly 3 million jobs that employers are actively recruiting for but unable to fill. A lack of flexibility and training are contributing to the problem. Many unemployed workers who own homes they can’t sell are unable to relocate. Also, many unemployed workers come from industries where their skills don’t fit those industries looking to hire, such as education, accounting and healthcare.

With such dire news out there, I’m sure very few of us ever heard there were 3 million jobs available currently. While I certainly don’t want to downplay the situation (as my family has been personally affected by this), I just wanted to offer a glimmer of hope that there are starting to be some sizable job openings in the American economy. This is a leading indicator of recovery.


Source: BusinessWeek, First Trust Advisors