Here are some things I read this week that I thought might interest our readers:

Markets, Economy & Investing

  • The inflation vs. deflation debate (
  • Inflation rates for 77 countries (Bespoke Inestment Group)
  • The 10 Hottest Commodities of 2009 –and the ETFs that track them (TraderMark)
  • Stock buybacks by S&P 500 companies have plummeted (Barron’s)
  • Warren Buffett Getting No Respect (Bespoke)
  • Country stock market performance for 83 countries since the recent top (June 2nd) [Bespoke]
  • How Bernie did it – an investigation uncovers the secrets of Bernie Madoff’s massive fraud [Fortune]
  • “Consumer spending increased in May, the fourth gain in the last five months. “Real” (inflation-adjusted) consumer spending also increased in May and was revised upward for both March and April. These figures support our view that the recession is over.” [First Trust]
  • A chart showing the equity in household real estate [The Big Picture]


Facts, Stats, & Quotes:

  • “338% is how much shares of Smith & Wesson, based in Springfield, Mass., have increased since a low of $1.53 in October 2008.  That’s in part because of a 62% increase in sales of handguns and rifles for civilian use.” [Fortune Magazine, May 11, 2009, p12]

Have a great weekend!