2017-06 LETTER OF THE MONTH BLOG IMAGEPreparing for the future is one of the most important aspects of financial strategizing, and a lack of involvement often leaves women, in particular, potentially exposed to financial hardships later in life.

Don’t expect a spouse, partner, or other family member to help ensure financial security.

Women investors face several challenges to helping build wealth and helping secure their financial futures, and should take an active role in their financial future, long-term goals, and financial health.

As they face these responsibilities, women investors face special challenges that make financial literacy and advanced strategizing especially important.

For example, women are more likely to outlive their husbands or have divorce disproportionately affect them, making long-term financial strategies especially critical. Consider these facts:

Women face certain obstacles in investing and handling their financial lives. Ideally, women should take time to acknowledge and explore these challenges with their families and trusted financial professionals.

Determining the right solutions to these unique financial situations is critical. That way, women can have a more effective long-term strategy and can pursue a comfortable, more secure retirement. While every woman and every family is different, research shows that American women face many of the following hindrances:

  • 60% of women worry about having enough money throughout retirement.
  • 65% of women are less likely to talk to their partners about investment ideas than other topics.
  • 47% of women feel comfortable talking with a financial professional about money and investing.
  • 21% of women do not know if their workplace retirement plan providers offer financial guidance.
  • 53% of women are not confident enough to talk to financial professionals on their own.

Engage your partner, spouse, or other family members in regular discussions about money. This way, everyone is kept informed of important financial strategies and future goals.

These discussions don’t have to revolve around worst-case scenarios. A fun activity can be to dream together about future goals or retirement strategies.

Additionally, to help foster financial wellness in future generations, we encourage parents to bring their children into the conversation. Ideally, they will openly talk about and understand the family legacy and estate plans.

We are here to help you each step of the way, so please let us know if you have any questions about these tips or the bigger strategies that are helping guide you to your financial future.

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