Yesterday, we hosted week two of our virtual happy hour in our new series called, Bear Market Brews.

You can watch the replay here:

Week #2 of our virtual happy hour – Bear Market Brews ?

Recorded on: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hosts: Tony Hixon, Adam Zuercher, and Austin Wilson

In this video we discussed:

1️⃣ The current status of COVID-19

2️⃣ An overview of the new economic stimulus package, The CARES Act

3️⃣ The possibility of a new Infrastructure Bill

4️⃣ An economic update including our thoughts on today’s report that 6.6 million workers filed for unemployment last week (another new record!)

5️⃣ New developments in the oil market

6️⃣ A review of the stock market including key indicators to watch as well as some discussion around which sectors are expected to perform well and wich are expected to lag the overall market

7️⃣ Our tip of the week: Questions you should ask your financial advisor

We also spent some time providing answers to some great questions submitted by our listeners.

As you can see we covered A LOT! We will be back again next Thursday, April 9th. Please join us! More info at the link below ?