Below is a message from our CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Adam Zuercher 

I am thrilled to share the announcement we made Tuesday night at Tony’s book release event. If you haven’t heard, our co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Tony Hixon, has released a new book, Retirement Stepping Stones. You will want to be sure to check out the video trailer for the book here.

Our work at Hixon Zuercher is one of the many ways we’re actively trying to honor the legacy of Tony’s mom, Pam. Her story is tragic, but she was the type of woman who wouldn’t want her tragedy to be someone else’s narrative as well. My hope for this book is that Tony, and, by extension, our firm can help educate and empower others to plan for a FULFILLING and JOYFUL RETIREMENT. At the core of our work has always been a desire to help and serve others. In my mind, there’s no better way to do that than to approach retirement planning with a holistic and comprehensive process. We’ve always been a people-first firm, and this tragic event has spurred us to lean in and continue to prioritize the well-being of our clients in the work that we do.

The mission of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management is to provide wealth creation and investment management solutions that enable our clients to achieve financial freedom.

Our goal since starting the firm has been to help people win with their investments. Our focus is helping people retire successfully. In the past our definition of a successful retirement was simple: Our clients wouldn’t run out of money during retirement, and their wealth would outlive them.

Over the past nineteen years our team has become incredibly proficient in the world of financial planning. And now, Pam’s legacy is a part of our story. Our financial planning process has shifted beyond the numbers to include intentional coaching in our work. Until now the life coaching our advisors have offered to retiring clients has been an informal part of our conversations.

Today, I would like to announce that, beginning January 1st of 2022 we will now be able to offer our clients and friends the opportunity to work with a Life Coach. We want to ensure that every client transitioning into retirement, or clients that are already in retirement, have the opportunity to work with a coach that will open the door to conversations about lifestyle, mental health, and the retirement transition. The purpose of offering a Retirement Coaching service is to ensure that we can help any client who wants it the opportunity to gain clarity on the life they are retiring to.

Scott Miller To Lead Our Retirement Coaching Program

Twenty-two years ago, a couple from our church invited my wife and I into their home to be part of a small group who would meet on a weekly basis. The purpose of those gatherings was to build community, encourage one another, and to grow spiritually. We spent two years as a group learning together, and during that time I formed a friendship with the leader of that group, Scott Miller.

Over the past twenty-two years, Scott has become a person I would go to when looking for advice as I navigated life. In fact, Scott played a key role when I was looking for feedback before making the decision to start our firm in 2002. Scott and I have been meeting for lunch once a month over the past twenty-two years, and he has been someone I can count on to help me navigate life’s biggest challenges.

Not only has Scott been a coach to me, but I have been his financial advisor. Scott and his wife, Steph, were one of our very first clients. Years ago, Scott and I began to plan for the day he would exit his dental practice and transition into retirement. Scott’s desire for retirement was to retire FROM dentistry an retire TO some sort of life coaching. Eventually, it would become clear that Scott Miller would be our firm’s very first Life Coach.

Scott joined our firm in July and having completely retired from dentistry he is now solely focused on helping us create our Retirement Coaching Program that we will make available to clients and friends this coming January.

The greatest thing we have learned from working with our clients is that wealth is much more than money. Helping our clients establish financial freedom is not our only goal. By offering our Retirement Coaching service, we want you to empower our clients to plan for a FULFILLING and JOYFUL retirement.

To learn more about Scott, see his bio here.