Hixon Zuercher Capital Management is pleased to announce that Scott Miller has been awarded the designation of Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CRPC).

“I love working with people to find balance and purpose in their lives and this designation has given me current tools and resources to help people as they step from the first half of their lives into the second half”, says Miller.

The CRPC designation is awarded to professionals who have successfully completed advanced coursework, a final exam, and met both experience and skill-based requirements. The training program examines the art and science of making a successful transition from work-life to home-life. The training also includes practical applications to help people replace their work identity, fill their time, and stay relevant and connected as well as mentally and physically active. CPRC professionals also agree to meet ongoing continuing education requirements and commit to uphold a Code of Ethics.

In connection with the training and designation, Scott will be offering clients a suite of tools and resources including upcoming group workshops and private coaching.

Scott joined Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, a fee-only wealth management firm located in downtown Findlay, Ohio, in July having completely retired from dentistry after a 32-year career. He is now solely focused on leading our life-coaching program, Refocus Coaching.



Refocus Coaching is a life-coaching program designed to help people find meaning, live with purpose, and leave a legacy. The initial focus will be on working with those who are wanting to be intentional about the design of the second half of their life.  The program will offer group workshops and private coaching that will open the door to conversations about lifestyle, mental health, and the retirement transition. The idea of providing a life coaching service is to help others gain clarity on the non-financial side of retiring and empowers clients to plan for a balanced and purposeful retirement.

“Until now the life coaching our advisors have offered to retiring clients has been an informal part of our conversations. The purpose of offering Refocus Coaching is to ensure that we can help any client who wants it the opportunity to gain clarity on the life they are retiring to,” says Adam Zuercher, CEO of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management.